yella activewear

Inspiration Ideation

To drive the creative direction for YELLA Activewear, we’ll be going through 2-3 rounds of ideation through inspiration images via Pinterest.

You will be invited to two Pinterest boards created just for you.

1) YELLA Activewear — Inspiration Ideation
2) YELLA Activewear — Inspiration Image Selects

Let us know which images strongly resonate with you and your brand by simply moving the ones you select from ‘Inspiration Ideation’ to ‘Inspiration Image Selects’. See below if you need additional help on moving images from board to board. Feel free to add any of your own inspiration imagery to the board.


Note: In order to launch the Pinterest boards, you must create a Pinterest account if you do not already have one and accept the invitation through the link sent to your email.

How To Move Images

Step 01:

Click ‘Edit’ Button on image you’d like to move.


Step 02:

Click ‘YELLA Activewear — Inspiration Image Selects’ under dropdown menu on next to ‘Board’. Additionally, you can change the description under ‘Description’ in this section to note what you like about the image. Click ‘Save’ button when you are finished.