04. Mm Worthy


Art Direction, Visual Identity Brand & Storytelling,
Photography, Web & Graphic Design

Food blog created as a destination for all lovers of food and art – a place where food, art and culture collide. The e-platform celebrates elevated home cooking and instinctual cooking.


Makes her go mmmmm…


The Mm Worthy Way

Cooking is based on instinct & taste, so we do things organically,
which means a lot of tasting as you go. And improving each time.

We like to call this instinctual cooking.


Elevated Home Cooking


Where Food Meets Art…


You Are What You Eat.

Eat more consciously by using fresh ingredients & seasonal produce.
There’s a strong connection between what you eat, how you eat, and how you feel afterwards.

Eating more consciously doesn’t mean sacrificing taste and the foods you love. It’s all about balancing and choosing the right ingredients.

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