Social Media Marketing Strategy



Develop social media strategy to:

1. Increase audience engagement

2. Grow site traffic and sales



Developed an interactive Q&A strategy with audience based on the brand mission to empower women to embrace their beauty and confidence as women.

Executed strategy through all Instagram channels: IG TV, IG Story, IG posts.



Q1 Results

1. Increased audience comments / reply to Instagram Story by 20%

2. Increased link clicks to website by 20% for Instagram Story 

3. Increased clicks to link in profile by 15%

We also successfully sold out targeted sales within 2 months of executing social strategy.



Content Marketing Strategy



Developed Out of the Glass Case blog series to increase website traffic.


Blog series educated the Starling Jewelry audience on the often opaque world of fine jewelry and the sustainability efforts pushing the industry towards a brighter future. 


- Grew newsletter click-through rate from 4% to 8% through integrated content strategy.



Marketing Director



Rebrand and scale sales of startup e-commerce, zero waste fashion line, YSTR Clothing, within 6 months. Company had been in operation for 1.5 years.


Shifted brand storytelling across all sales channels from pushing eco-friendly business model to communicating a more emotional, slow fashion message to invest in quality pieces "Made to Cherish."




1. Doubled e-commerce sales within 6 months through aggressive email marketing and digital advertising initiatives

2. Led 4 person marketing team to craft a new brand identity for YSTR from website to social media profile

When YSTR Clothing owners folded company, sales were continuing to grow and our community base was:

- 1,200 newsletter subscribers

- 14,500 Instagram followers

- 150 YSTR Club clothing subscription members

- $18,000: monthly revenue


Creative Director of YSTR Clothing

Veronica Ko  

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