My passion for championing sustainable, women-led businesses began while working in Florence, Italy. Across the street lived a handbag designer who inspired me as she daily took the world by storm: baby in one arm, dog leash in the other, and cell phone tucked under her chin.

Somehow, I convinced her to hire me, and I was inspired by the story she was telling through her life and brand.

"That in a fast paced world, we still have the choice to pour care, heart, and sweat into making artful products, steeped in culture and tradition."

I was in awe of how a brand could use its voice to take a stand for honoring culture, history, and caring for the artisans behind each product. From there, I worked in settings from the traditional advertising agency to social good fashion startups, sharpening how to share a brand's essence, "their why." From skincare to swimwear, each of my current clients inspires me and reminds me how necessary each of our voices is.

I am so excited to meet you, and hear why you do what you do. Your story needs to be shared. 

Let's start talking.