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 Hello! We’re Charis Consulting.

Looking to capture your elusive brand essence? We specialize in distilling the breadth of value your brand offers into clear and compelling digital stories. From crafting targeted customer personas to executing shoots to bring your brand to life, we’re here to help you build a unique brand identity that stands apart.


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"Creative, innovative, & a joy to work with."

— Kristiana Tarnuzzer, Founder of The Cause Bar


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YSTR Clothing


Our Services

01 — Brand Identity Bootcamp

Through a seven-week workshop series, we work one-on-one with you to do some brand identity soul search. This includes defining your story, visual ideation, a branded photoshoot, and digital execution to bring everything to life.

02 — Brand Identity Consultation

We sit down and whiteboard through customized messaging and visual branding exercises to help you define and refine your brand identity

03 — Social Media Marketing & Web Services

Feeling like your site or social channels need a makeover? That's what we're here for. Just think of us as your digital styling team.



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Brand Identity Workshop

Week 01

Define — Your — Story

- The Why Behind Your Brand
- Personal Brand Story
- Current Brand Perception
- Desired Perception
- Key Brand Words
- Unique Brand Brilliance
- Mood Board

Week 02

Brand — Differentiation

- Define Marketplace
- Research Primary & Secondary
- Differentiate Your Brand
- Define Target Audience: Demographics
+ Psychographics + Consumption Habits
- Create Target Audience Personas

Week 03

Brand — Messaging

- Brand Voice & Personality
- Expert Positioning Tagline
- Brand Mission
- Elevator Pitch
- Marketing Taglines
- Core Values
- Brand Vision
- Writing Style Guidelines

Week 04

Visual — Ideation [ Pt. I ]

- Color Theory
- Typography
- Logo
- Imagery
- Space & Signage

Week 05

Visual — Ideation [ Pt. II ]

- Digital Look Overview & Design
- Imagery & Web Specific Elements
- Recommendations for web developers, designers, graphics (if needed)
- Social Look Overview
- Social Imagery Breakdown
- Branded Photography Strategy

Week 06

Branded — Photoshoot

- Art Direction
- Logistics One-Pager
- Product Photography
- Lifestyle Photography

Week 07

Final — Workshop

- Brand Kit
- Bible Bible Booklet
- Unique Branded Imagery – Lifestyle
+ Product
- Moodboard


Featured — Project



"Ultra Curated, Super

The Culture Trip (on YSTR Clothing)


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